In Tribute to His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh who passed away yesterday

Saturday April 10th, 2021

Learning life skills with D of E (Duke of Edinburgh Award)

With a 63-year heritage and founded by the eponymous royal Prince Philip, the D of E scheme has helped millions of children in 144 nations improve their self-confidence, fitness and skill sets.

Duke of Edinburgh AwardThe scheme is split into three levels: bronze, silver and gold, each demanding an increasing commitment to complete.

Most independent schools offer the award for students and support them to secure placements, carry out the required volunteering and record their activity and achievements.  Pupils aged 14+ do three months each of volunteering, a physical activity and developing new skills.  They must also undertake a two-day expedition, staying away from home for one night, and select one of the three sections (volunteering, physical or skills) to do a further three-month stint.

At 15+ students can start their silver award, with longer periods spent on each of the three sections plus a three-day expedition.  16 year olds can begin their gold D of E, which requires them to undertake up to a year of volunteering and other learning opportunities as above – but with a four-night residential stay in addition to a four-day expedition.  Schools will advise but we’ve found some other great ways to tick the residential stay box and ensure children have a summer to remember with experiences that will help to shape their future…

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