Cambridge Insights Day with Regency Education

Tuesday October 9th, 2018

On Sunday Sept 30th Regency Education MD Tanya Ellis led an insightful and enjoyable day with her clients and others interested in learning about what it takes to win a place at Cambridge University as an undergraduate.

This two minute video captures the highlights of the day.

King's College CambridgeThere’s a lot of myth and mystery about the process and the place so the main aim of the day was to educate and motivate the students to provide them with the knowledge and confidence to apply.

Some of the young people who attended have been with Regency since age 11 so it was lovely to see them reach the stage where they are ready for one of the worlds best universities. They are based in the UK at top schools so this day represented another milestone in their development and education in the UK.

The day started with an excellent talk from an Academic from Clare College who is also a Director of a Cambridge based company that partners with Regency, about the university, the process and the nature of the interviews. As someone who interviews candidates herself, it was an invaluable insight into what it takes to succeed. As you might expect from a sharp intellect it was full of insight, humor and honesty. Our students found it very motivating and it gave them confidence to take the next step.

The Cambridge day was part one of the Regency Oxbridge Program and we also learnt about the two week summer residential program at Cambridge where students get to live like a student at one of Cambridge colleges. This is run in partnership with The Granta Academy.

As we glided along the river Cam on the famous ‘Backs’ we learnt about the city, the people and the interesting facts about Kings, Trinity, St John’s and Queens College’s.  All while we relaxed in the comfortable boat alongside numerous tourists and locals enjoying the sunshine.

After an excellent pub lunch by the river we were taken on an educational tour on the famous boats known as punts.  A few of the students in our party were brave enough to try the punting for themselves, which proved to be a challenging undertaking. Luckily no one fell in the river.

Once we found our ‘land legs ‘again we met with our guide Maria who gave us a private tour of the colleges. She has recently completed her postgraduate studies and is now teaching at Cambridge.

As yet another indication of the thought that Regency has put into the program, our guide is part of the Admissions team and provided real insight that you won’t find in any books or websites.

We started at Darwin College. It was originally Charles Darwin’s house where he lived and worked and which was donated to the University as part of his unique legacy.

Trinity College Cambridge

We then moved on to the famous Cavendish laboratory where the shape of DNA was discovered by Crick and Watson. Then on to Trinity College where Issac Newton had his realisation about the nature of gravity, followed by the visit into the court (not the “quad”, like in Oxford!) of Kings College to admire the King’s chapel and beautiful buildings. Finally to the Senate building where our students reenacted the unique way in which Cambridge students are awarded their degrees.

You will be aware of the recent Nobel Prize for medicine recently awarded to two Trinity College academics related to the cancer treatment but there are many more to list.

We had plenty of time to enjoy the city as well as gain the insider knowledge from Cambridge insiders.

It was then back to the College to review the learning and answer the multitude of questions that the students now had as a result of the day.

Naturally, we finished the day with a trip to the bookshops and hot chocolate bar to try some local handmade cake and fudge.

All the students had a great time and all feel more confident about applying. Everyone had a different level of knowledge prior to the day but all agreed they felt ready to apply with confidence.

The day was enjoyable and motivational and has given our students confidence and practical knowledge to enable them to apply. The day is the first stage of the Regency Oxbridge program. That program Students benefit from a personal Cambridge based mentor, a subject tutor, a two week residential college stay and the advice of the Regency team. In addition, students are assessed regularly to make sure they are prepared.

Hopefully this note and the photos you have seen will give you an idea of the benefits of the day. We look forward to welcoming you to the program with the next insight day. Date to be confirmed.

Click here/ call Tanya to reserve your place on the program. This is for motivated students and parents that want a practical and inside view about what it takes to become an Oxbridge undergraduate.

We look forward to hearing from you.